Specialty items available NOW
Mistress Ultra Violet offers custom Ass Worship videos and photo sets. Also, other fetishes such as CBT and Medical play. Email or call to inquire, ask for pricing & availability.

Goddess strands $25.00  purchase options

I have so much beautiful red/violet hair that when I brush it out, some inevitably gets caught in My hairbrush. Rub My soft hair on your face as you imagine Me standing over you, the scent of a Goddess still lingers in the locks.

Lipstick prints
of the Goddess
$25.00 purchase options

When Mistress Ultra Violet gets ready for a night on the town She loves to play up the sweet bow shape of Her lips with lipstick. To make sure it stays put for the evening She blots Her lips on a piece of tissue paper and leaves a perfect imprint of Her luscious lips. Lipstick colors include purple, black, red, silvery blue, and pink. *Ask for availability of other colors*

Worn Sexy Heels $50.00-$150.00
purchase options

(Combat Boots also available) Mistress Ultra Violet is one of the scene's most sought after models and celebrities. Imagine owning Her partying shoes. These shoes are completely broken in. The soles are scuffed and the straps are worn (perfect for self-inflicted CBT). Fulfill a fantasy and own a pair of the Goddess's favorite night-on-the-town shoes.

Boots worn in photo shoots, Fetish events, and in the Dungeon may be purchased by special request, as Mistress Ultra Violet does not like to part with Her beloved worn Boots.

Personally Scented Gym Socks $25.00 purchase options

Would you like to own a pair of Mistress Ultra Violet's personally scented socks? Bury your nose in Her scent as you picture Her feet in your face. Inhale deeply as the aroma fills your nose and a vision of the Goddess forcing you to smell until She is content with your showing. Snow white, except where Her perspiration may have tainted the cotton. Mistress Ultra Violet's personally scented gym socks will be worshiped often.

Goddess Stockings  $25.00
purchase options

Mistress Ultra Violet wears only the finest knee highs, thigh highs, and pantyhose. She loves the silky feeling of stockings against Her skin. Whether She is working Her way through a particularly strenuous session in the Dungeon or out for a rigorous night of dancing in Her favorite night club, Mistress Ultra Violet's personally scented knee highs, thigh highs, and panty hose will make you feel as though you were in your Goddess' presence.

Panties $30.00 purchase options

White Cotton Panties

Your chance to own Mistress Ultra Violet's workout panties. She exercises hard in the gym and these panties will go straight in a plastic baggie full of perspiration from Her to you with love.

Black Daily Worn Panties $30.00-$50.00 purchase options

Mistress Ultra Violet's everyday panties. These panties are the panties your Mistress wears on a daily basis. Each panty will have been worn by Mistress Ultra Violet from the time she wakes in the morning until they are placed in the plastic baggie at the end of her day and are magically delivered directly to you. Her activities may include shopping, dancing, etc.

Dungeon Panties/Lingerie $50.00-100.00 purchase options

Black panties(always of the highest quality) worn during a session. These panties will include a brief note written by Mistress Ultra Violet describing what activities took place in the Dungeon while she was wearing these panties, such as a single tail whipping, a CBT session, or a medical play session, etc.

Photo Shoot Panties  $50.00
purchase options

you may purchase the very panties you see Mistress Ultra Violet wearing in a photo shoot or on one of Her websites or films.

Custom Photo Sets    $25.00-$50.00purchase options

I love to do custom photography/video work, just contact me with your ideas. I have both male and Female Personal slaves with whom I can accommodate your wildest BDSM/Fetish fantasy.

Fingernail Clippings   $25.00
purchase options

You know you dream of Worshiping My perfectly manicured fingers and toes you perverts I'll save My clippings for you to Worship. Having them in your disgusting little mouth is almost as good as being on your knees licking and sucking the nails of your
Goddess. Feel free to inquire about