PHONE: 404-825-5106


I prefer that submissives, fetishists, masochists, and slaves, make primary contact through e-mail. State your location, the city in which you are interested in sessioning. The date & time you are requesting, and the length of your desired session. Following My directions, makes it much easier for Me to respond, thus scheduling a session is greatly simplified. I also encourage you to list your interests and any relevant previous experience, including the Dominatrices you have served in the past. Remember however: Brevity is the soul of wit. I have included an application, so please use it.

Although I want you to feel comfortable (with all of your questions answered) I must limit My responses to three replies before I dismiss you as a time waster. AT WHICH will be required to pay for further email correspondence...
I Do Not tolerate those who don't keep their appointments! If you are forced to cancel an appointment (we all must at times) treat Me as you would any Professional person in your life...give Me as much notice as possible. If you schedule an appointment, then thoughtlessly cancel at the last moment (without an established history of appointment keeping) you will be placed on the list of those who are required to remit a deposit before rescheduling. For those who enjoy scheduling sessions they have no intention of keeping BE WARNED I never forget a voice, or writing style!
I enjoy speaking with you, and can accommodate same day appointments on occasion. I do at times have cancellations, you are more than welcome to call and ask if I have an opening.
For you unfortunate submissives & slaves who are unable to session with Me in person, may begin your training by visiting My Souvenirs page.

No rude or aggressive language!
Be a gentleman, keep your word and your appointments!
I may be called between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. Eastern Time. I do not accept calls from blocked numbers. If your phone lists your number as private, you must dial *82 before calling in order to speak with Me.

I love to travel and will accompany you to Fetish/BDSM events both here and abroad. Contact Me to discuss the details. I will guarantee that W/we will have a Lovely journey that mixes the thrill of the unknown with the honor of experiencing it all with your Mistress! Sessions in other cities may be arranged with proper notice, and verifiable hotel reservations in at least a three Star hotel